A More In Depth Look Inside A Schumacher SE-4020 10/40/200-AMP Wheel-Style Charger And Starter

So as to save money, many people today are preparing to do car repairs by themselves. If you may have become your own personal auto technician, there are a few things you should have. Two things that are guaranteed for you to have in your homemade mechanic’s shop are a battery charger and a car starter. Because of this, we have made a decision to take a good look at the Schumacher SE-4020 10/40/200-AMP Wheel-Style Charger And Starter.

The one thing I have generally hated about fixing my own cars is the fact that between starting them over and over and leaving the doors open so the dome light stays on, I might have to charge the battery to be able to get the car to start up again. You’ve probably experienced a situation where after working on the car, the battery has died on you. Then you have to wait several hours for the battery to be powered up again before you can start your car.

I was very excited when they introduced home versions of the charger, starter combination units like they have in the regular garages. What’s beneficial about these devices is that they are just like the professional models but you don’t have to fork over $500 to $1000 for it.

The Schumacher SE-4020 10/40/200-AMP Wheel-Style Charger/Starter is an example of those units. This unit is so powerful, that professionals use this particular model as well. My own relation operates a garage and when his $1,000 unit gave up working he went out and bought 2 of the Schumacher units and it cost him less than $300 for both units.

When you use the 10 amp setting, it is possible to fully charge a battery in under five hours. What’s even more cool is when you set the unit to 40 amps, you can fully charge a battery anywhere between forty minutes to two and a half hours. And the best feature, in my view, would be the 200 amp setting which can give up to 350 amps of pure power to jump start your car. Certainly you can use this charger on almost any vehicle including motorcycles and lawn tractors due to the fact that the unit can be switched between 6 and 12 volt vehicles.

An additional detail is that the unit comes with a built in timer so you can even set the unit to charge for two hours and walk away. With the timekeeper, there’s no need to worry about overcharging your batteries. Also you can use the Schumacher unit during the winter months, especially during ultra freezing days when your car will not likely start up since it can  give your car  a nice jump  start  to begin the day.