Do the Car and the Phone Sex Industry have anything in common?

If you love cars, then of course you know that it is a multi million industry. Cars affect all of us, whether you are an enthusiast or not. Because of the money this industry represents, a lot of effort is aimed at marketing the product and whilst each manufacturer will have its own promotional methods, most will use the one thing that works in all cases, not just with cars, but with about every other products or services we purchase. That “thing” of course is sex appeal.
As such, wherever a new car is revealed to an adoring public, there will always be lots of pretty people around it, hired because they all have one thing in common: sex appeal.

For most people, nothing is more alluring that a gorgeous and sexy woman opening the door of that brand new Ferrari, as if the car was an extension of herself. And vice versa.

When it comes to the expensive cars, you could say that at the end of the day, purchases are made on impulse, given that very little separates these cars in terms of performance, looks etc… A particularly attractive woman might just about sway a buyer by implanting herself on the mind’s buyer.

This is sex appeal, pure and simple. It affects all of us and it works. All you have to do is open up the latest fashion, woman or man’s magazine and you’ll see pages upon pages of gorgeous people, flashing their smiles and sometimes more at you. For example, the ad you’re looking at maybe about perfumes, but what draws you into the ad is the person that holds the bottle.

This continual exposure we have to sex appeal, this primary longing that we all have for beauty and sexy is, for most people, the very nature of our society. It’s been thus since the dawn of time. It is perhaps because of this primal instinct that escorts continue to thrive, and that new industries are born in this technological era to tap into it.

Phone SexNone more so than cheap phone sex by the way, which is the ultimate play on the laws of attraction between men and women and even though this is one interaction that stays within the confines of our mind, phone sex is a multi million dollars industry.

Just like cars… You see, in the 21st century, an era during mankind is firmly engaging itself into space exploration, sex, in most cases, sells…